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All About Me...

You ain't really livin' when you live life by the text.
And you ain't makin' music when you know what note is next.

-- from "Have a Little Faith" by Rockapella.

(It's me! showing off my dorky,
ITSO-T-shirt-wearing side
at the Info Tech Expo, '98)

I've got quite a bit of stuff in this section of my site. It's been called a stalker's paradise before. Feel free to get to know me. If anything about my life interests you and you'd like to know more, just send me some e-mail... I can't promise a quick response because I get quite a bit, but I usually find time to drop a reply to everyone eventually...

Here it is, in "Easy-to-Swallow" capsule form:
I am an instructor at RIT teaching in the Center for Digital Media. Most of my courses have to do with multimedia and web design. I am also a graduate student in the Information Technology Masters Program. I plan to continue to work full time at RIT after finishing my Master's Capstone Project. For more information about my teaching experience and 'professional life', please visit my Professional Page.

Campus Crusade for Christ
Myself and several others are hoping to bring a Campus Crusade ministry back to RIT... You can watch our progress at this new CCC@RIT page I've (literally) thown together.

My StatSheet
Here's the nitty gritty. If you're going to try to steal my identity, you're going to have to memorize all of this stuff...

My Photo Album!
Here's a collection of pictures of me as I was growing up... There are current pictures of me around, but they're not in here...

My Résumé
Don't click this. It's really not worth looking at. It's a really out-dated section of my site... Here merely for archive purposes. Someday (when it matters) I'll probably update it, but for now, since I'm not looking for work and not trying to impress anyone, I've pretty much left it go.

My Schedules
These are my schedules for the last several years... Feel free to see what I've been up to. This is another way to archive my life as far as what I've done over time. It's so easy to forget (especially when you want to remember!)

Check out these sub-sections, they all have more insights into my psyche...

Some of the information might be a little out of date... I try to go through and update it once in a while.

I'm hoping to add an (in)Frequently Asked Questions (an iFAQ) to this area soon. Here's one for starters:

If you've come to my site specifically to read this... please see the note at the bottom...

"So, I can't help but notice... You keep your fingernails pretty long. How come?"

Well, it's partly just because it's how they've always been... When I was little, my mother used to cut my fingernails and they were kept pretty long. I have never felt inclined to chew on them, so they would grow out. I had two sisters, so I don't know if it's because my mother was used to long fingernails on my sisters or because she was afraid to cut mine too short (wouldn't want to draw blood!).

Since that time, I've become very attached and comfortable with my longer-than-most* nails. There were times when I was teased about them growing up... But I was teased about a LOT of things, so that pressure was only minor... They also knew that if they bothered me too much, I'd scratch them like an angry cat! (just kidding).

I usually only cut them when one breaks or they start to interfere with my typing. They don't break very often, they're actually quite strong... I use them to tweeze small objects, slice open packages, and even drive screws sometimes! They make peeling oranges a snap! But, most importantly, the ladies love it. That is, after they drop the whole jealousy thing... ;-)

* by "longer-than-most" I'm really only talking about maybe an 1/8th of an inch or so... certainly not longer than a 1/4 inch... This page has been generating interest from folks who have a fascination with long fingernails... My apologies... they aren't THAT long and I don't have any plans to post pictures either... sorry.

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